Seven Days in Jordan: Your Perfect One-Week Itinerary

Seven Days in Jordan: Your Perfect One-Week Itinerary

With a diverse population of only 10 million, many people lump Jordan under the category of places that have little to offer as a travel destination. However, you will find seasoned travelers and explorers saying otherwise. Jordan is the perfect example of the saying, ‘Big things come in small packages’. From the numerous historically rich sites to the uniquely incredible landscape combination of the Red Sea and the Rum Desert, once you come here, it would be impossible to keep yourself from visiting again. 

And as visiting such travel destinations often goes, it’s impossible to get the full travel experience of any country in just a short amount of time. But those who are visiting on a set itinerary or travel schedule don’t often have much of a choice. While you can’t get a comprehensive experience in less than a month, you can certainly enjoy the popular tourist attractions Jordan is famous for.  All along with the hospitality of its people and its rich culture in a week.

Making a tour plan for a country with such unending and diverse destinations within a time limit can be a difficult feat. But, we’ve gone ahead and done it for you. We’ve compiled a perfect itinerary for you to spend seven days in Jordan while enjoying the best of all it has to offer for an unforgettable travel experience.

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The Perfect Seven-Day Jordan Itinerary


Maybe you’re researching for your first-ever trip to Jordan. Or, maybe it’s second or third here, and you wish to explore all that you couldn’t before. Regardless, this itinerary offers an incredible combination of historical spots, natural landscapes, tourist attractions, and cultural experiences for an unforgettable seven days in Jordan.


Day 1: Amman Tour

Roman Ampitheater, Amman
Begin your adventure after a lovely Middle Eastern breakfast in the country. We recommend a famous Jordanian breakfast of a bowl of hot fuul, or boiled broad/fava beans mashed with lemon juice, olive oil, and chopped chilies. It’s eaten with freshly baked khubz, or flatbread, and is sure to keep you full for hours. Start your tour of Amman with a visit to the Roman Theater, Amman Citadel, the Jordan Museum, and King Abdullah I Mosque. Be sure to check out the Roman Temple of Hercules. Stop for a brief lunch at the local eateries and rest for two hours. Next, head on to see the famous 4th-century Byzantine architecture inside the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George. End the day with a delicious dinner of Mansaf at Al Quds, an iconic spot for Jordanian delicacies.

Sites Visited:

  • Roman Theater
  • Amman Citadel
  • The Jordan Museum
  • King Abdullah I Mosque
  • Roman Temple of Hercules
  • Greek Orthodox Church of St. George
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Day 2: Madaba, Nebo, & Dead Sea Tour

A mountain resort in Jordan

After breakfast, get ready to resume the tour, with the first stop being the majestic Mt. Nebo. There, you can visit the old monastery to catch stunning views of the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and the vast landscape of this ancient place. Be sure to check out Madaba Archaeological Park, St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church, and the Apostles Church in Madaba. Pause for a quick lunch of Shawerma and try having one with Jordan-authentic ingredients. After this, take a drive to the Dead Sea, which has developed into a health spa-like hub due to its unique chemical composition. Tourists are encouraged to take a walk around the coast or swim in the water to enjoy the water’s medical properties. End the day with a steaming hot plate of Makloubeh at the Abbate Madaba Restaurant & Cafe. 

Sites Visited:

  • Mt. Nebo
  • Madaba Archaeological Park
  • St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church
  • Apostles Church
  • Dead Sea


Day 3: Jerash, Ajloun, and Umm Qais Tour

Small shops in Petra, Jordan

Enjoy an early breakfast and begin the journey north to Jerash, a site situated at the bottom of Mt. Gilead. This ancient city is a reflection of the Roman Empire. Being one of the largest and most well-preserved sites of Roman architecture, its beauty can be seen from the colonnaded street, the Oval Plaza, the Nymphaeum, and the Temple of Artemis. Stop for a quick lunch nearby. Enjoy a camel ride for an immersive experience.

Next, visit the Ajloun Castle, built in 1184 AD by Izz Al-Din Usama, one of Salah Al-Din’s generals. After a thorough look around, head on towards Umm Qais, once known as Gadara. This is a ruined Greco-Roman city where guests can see the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights in all their beauty. End the day with a pipping hot Lebanese Shawerma at the famous Lebanese House. Be sure to book a reservation in advance. 

Sites Visited:

  • Jerash
  • Mt. Gilead
  • Ajloun Castle
  • Umm Qais
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Day 4: Petra Tour

Petra, Jordan

Start your day with breakfast and begin the tour of Jordan’s biggest tourist attraction, the ancient city and the remains of Petra. The city of Petra was first founded in around 312 BC, making it one of the oldest cities discovered to this day in the entire world. The city is believed to have been founded by the Nabateans, a nomadic tribe that settled in the area and laid the foundations of a commercial empire that extended further up to Syria. After reaching the site, you will have the opportunity to travel on horseback to the canyon and the Al-Siq Canyon, and from there, you can resume the journey on foot to the most beautiful monument: the Treasury. You can also take strolls across the Street of Facades, the Royal Tombs, and Pharaoh’s Castle. End the day with a BBQ dinner at the My Mom’s Recipe Restaurant in the valley.

Sites Visited:

  • Petra
  • Al-Siq Canyon


Day 5: Wadi Rum Tour

Bedouin Camps, Jordan

After breakfast, begin the Wadi Rum tour by driving 20 minutes into the protected area of Wadi Rum, a widely spread desert landscape that holds an ancient beauty of its own. Several prehistoric civilizations have left petroglyphs, rock inscriptions, and ruins in Wadi Rum. Since 2011, the Wadi Rum Protected Area has been included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This site was also made famous by the film Lawrence of Arabia. Here you can see the unique landscape of canyons, cliffs, dunes, and ancient rock glyphs. Be sure to book a night’s stay at the Bedouin tour camps. Tourists can enjoy camel, horse, and dune buggy rides across the valley and lunch at one of the Bedouin tents. End the night with a special native BBQ called Zarb at the FoodEx Wadi Rum. 

Sites Visited:

  • Wadi Rum
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Day 6: Food Tour

BBQ platter

Start your day by walking down to Rainbow Street in Amman. For a day filled with food, order a traditional Jordanian breakfast spread at the Fatatri Restaurant. A traditional breakfast spread can include a bowl of Fuul with olives, pickled eggplant, grilled Halloumi cheese, bread with orange marmalade, and goat butter. From there, explore Rainbow Street, as it’s a tourist attraction of its own in Amman. 

For lunchtime, head towards the Hashem Restaurant Downtown to enjoy some authentic Falafel at King Faisal Street. Make a quick sweet stop and go to the Salma Booza shop to try Booza, an Eastern Levant ice cream that’s famous for its stretchy pull and gummy texture. For dinner, head to Sufra, a renowned restaurant situated in a 20th-century villa. 

Go all out by ordering the special BBQ platter, Hummus, Mouttabel (similar to Baba Ganoush), and Muhammara (a spicy dip made of walnuts, red bell peppers, and pomegranate molasses). End the night on a sweet note by also ordering Knafeh, a classic Arab dish made of kataifi, a spun pastry soaked in attar, a sweet syrup made of sugar, and usually layered with cheese or extra ingredients like pistachios, almonds, or clotted cream.

Sites Visited:

  • Rainbow Street
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Day 7: Aqabah Tour and Red Sea Cruise

Cruise in Aqaba, Jordan
Begin your day with a drive from Amman to Aqaba to view the coastal beauty of Jordan. The Aqaba golf course is situated north of the Red Sea and south of Jordan. Head over to check out the city’s well-known attractions, including Sharif Hussein Bin Ali, Aqaba Marine Park, Islamic Ayla City, Cedar Pride Shipwreck, and Aqaba Archaeological Museum. Enjoy a quick lunch at the coast before hopping on the Red Sea Cruise. Here, you get to enjoy an afternoon filled with snorkeling, diving, etc. Depending on the cruise you’ve booked, enjoy a last dinner at the Red Sea to end the night and your Jordan tour on a golden note.

Sites Visited:

  • Red Sea
  • Sharif Hussein Bin Ali
  • Aqaba Marine Park
  • Islamic Ayla City
  • Cedar Pride Shipwreck
  • Aqaba Archaeological Museum


Preparing for Your Trip to Jordan

Market place in Jordan

Despite being the heart of the Middle East, Jordan still doesn’t get the rep that it deserves. This is mainly because of the stigma of it being a ‘desert country’ with nothing much to see. However, those who look past it and visit the country for the first time have only good things to say about it. Learning some travel tips can help you have a pleasant experience when you do visit:

  • Jordan’s official currency is the Jordanian dinar. 
  • ATMs can be found all over Amman, as well as in larger towns and popular tourist locations.
  • Carry small amounts of cash with you for small purchases like snacks, cab fares, and tips.
  • The conversion rate at the time of writing is 1 JOD/1.41 USD.
  • Arabic is the official language of Jordan, but in tourist areas, English is also commonly spoken. 
  • It will help to know a few basic Arabic words and phrases, such as hello (mer-ha-ba) and thank you (shok-ran).
  • For a seamless transport experience here, you can hire a car and drive yourself, hire a car with a driver for the duration of the trip, or take a private car or local taxi from point A to point B.


The Best Time to Visit Jordan

Bedouin Camp, Jordan

You can’t expect a country with a predominantly desert landscape not to leave you sweating as you visit one place after another. For those who wish for a cool and pleasant travel experience in Jordan, plan your trip through March and May. You can also visit Jordan during October and November and enjoy its pleasant weather. This is the best time to book one of the Bedouin camps in Wadi Rum and enjoy the cool Jordanian nights under the glittery canopy of stars twinkling above you—a dreamlike experience free from any light or noise pollution.


Accommodation in Jordan

You’re going to be pleasantly surprised by the accommodation facilities when you visit Jordan. The range of accommodation options here matches the diversity of its natural landscape, encompassing anything from five-star hotels to traditional guesthouses. Everyone can find something to suit their taste, whether it is budget-friendly hostel rooms in Amman and Petra, basic Bedouin camps, or luxurious hotels near the Red Sea. There are a lot of affordable hotels in Jordan that are in the middle price range. These hotels are mostly owned and operated by families.


Experiencing Jordan’s Wonders In Seven Days

Jordan is so much more than its historical treasures and scenic landscapes. It’s a place where you can truly immerse yourself in centuries-old cultures, feel the warm hospitality of locals, taste the rich delicacies, and satisfy your wanderlust. And you’ll be able to feel all this during your week’s stay here. But the best way to truly experience Jordan in a short time? By embarking on guided tours. 

Do you want to explore Jordan’s unique historical beauty? All with pre-booked accommodations, guided tours, and the opportunity to skip the lines?

iLinkTurkey offers a diverse range of guided tour packages for destinations in Jordan. Head over to our packages and book one of our best-selling Jordan packages now.



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