Travel in 2024: Top Travel Trends to Keep Up With

Travel has never stopped changing. It has evolved and adapted as we have, to new technology, lifestyle innovations, and cultural shifts. The travel industry is changing with exciting trends that show promise to completely change how we experience and interact with destinations as we enter a new era of exploration. Just in 2024 alone, several travel trends will shape the industry in different ways, providing travelers with one-of-a-kind experiences and opportunities.

Whether it has been automated tour package bookings or eco-friendly destination introductions, the travel world we see now is entirely different from what it was then, but these changes have been gradual. However, each new year brings new trends and innovations. And it is our responsibility in the travel industry to keep up with them, to foresee them and to give our travelers the most updated travel experience they can wish for. So, let’s set ahead for 2024 and prepare ourselves for what travel is going to look like for us to enjoy it to the utmost.

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Top Trends for Travel in 2024 You Should Know

Before you get worried and panicking, when we say travel is changing, we don’t mean how AI is going to shift everything and take authenticity out of a true travel experience. Travel in 2024 is set to bring affordable destinations, easy bookings, sustainable transportation, immersive tour experiences, and more. Here are some of the biggest trends that are going to improve travel in 2024:


New Affordable Destinations

Bodrum, Turkey

The world is going through tough times. Economically speaking, just visiting big tourist-y cities costs way too much for travelers to even think about exploring elsewhere. Not to mention the crowded spaces and overpriced attractions, which hardly make for an enjoyable travel experience. This is why travel in 2024 is bringing the spotlight to the hidden gems of the travel world. We’re talking about small yet equally amazing cities and destinations that make for unforgettable travel experiences and aren’t too hard on the bank. Some of our personal picks include:


Located on the Aegean Sea in southwest Turkey, Bodrum is an affordable yet fabulous summer holiday destination. Beautiful beaches in this city, like Gumbet and Bitez, are great for sunbathing and provide a variety of reasonably priced water sports, including windsurfing and parasailing. The famous Bodrum Castle and the historic Mausoleum of Halicarnassus are two of the city’s remarkable landmarks that bear witness to its rich past. The vibrant market in Bodrum’s picturesque old town is a great place for tourists to buy souvenirs and eat traditional Turkish street cuisine like gözleme and simit. There is a wide range of affordable hotels, hostels, and guesthouses in Bodrum, offering lodging options for every budget.

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Fez is a stunning city in Morocco with a vibrant cultural scene. The city’s maze-like cityscape, numerous colorful souks, and medieval Marinid architecture set it apart from other Moroccan cities. It’s well-known for its unusually small streets and winding lanes that are crammed with stores offering a wide variety of goods, including pottery, traditional crafts, spices, carpets, and much more. And above all, it’s cheap! Fez is the most affordable destination to visit in Morrocco. This city is the ideal location for those wishing to immerse themselves in Morocco’s most authentic history and culture.

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Aswan is famous for its serene atmosphere, iconic ancient monuments, and stunning landscape of the Nile Valley. It’s an ideal winter getaway because of its year-round pleasant weather. The city offers breathtaking vistas and reasons to take a felucca (an Egyptian sailboat) out on the Nile. The city provides a more unique Egyptian travel experience, unlike Cairo. Hotels, attractions and tours are more affordable here, making it a great city to travel to in 2024.

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Food Tours Gaining Popularity

Tourist Food Scene in Thailand

Food tourism, or culinary travel, is a growing travel trend in 2024. It includes traveling to various locations to explore and discover local culinary traditions, culture, and local specialties of the area. Aside from discovering unique cuisines, food travelers also seek out the complete experience. This entails learning about the people, culture, and history that add extra spice to the cuisine. This has been a healthy travel trend so far, allowing local businesses to attract tourists by highlighting regional culinary delicacies and experiences.

We’ve seen a major increase in people’s interest in food because of the growth of social media, cooking shows, mukbangs (recorded eating shows that originated from South Korea), and food blogs. This rising interest doesn’t just lie in trying different cuisines. But also learning various culinary methods, ingredients, and traditions. And one way to directly experience that is through food travel. Travel is also about genuine, one-of-a-kind experiences with foreign yet beautiful places, strangers, and local cultures. Food travel offers just that.

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Outdoor Travel Adventures

Mountain Climbing in Iceland

You would think that travel in 2024 would be more hands-off. But from what we see, that’s simply not the case here at all. Various travel surveys indicate that travelers are showing more enthusiasm now than ever to embark on thrilling adventure travel that’s filled with the outdoors. We’re talking mountain climbing, paragliding, skiing, sandboarding, jet skiing, hiking, biking, and other daring outdoor travel activities.

For instance, sandboarding and riding sand buggies in the Arabian desert have been two of the most popular tourist activities in the UAE. Experiencing travel this way not only introduces travelers to the incredible landscape they might have missed otherwise but also fosters a renewed respect for nature. When people start traveling by pursuing outdoor activities, they are often healthier, happier, and more aware of their environmental impact.

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More Focus on Sustainable Travel

Camping Car in the Woods

Sustainable travel won’t just be a buzzword in 2024 used for travel. Instead, it’s set to transform travel as we know it and offer us unforgettable exploration experiences in an eco-friendly way. 2024 is the year we start to practice responsible travel. By 2024, a lot more travelers will adopt sustainability as a guiding concept. It’s already becoming a common practice in the travel industry to try to reduce our carbon footprints, promote environmentally friendly accommodation, and participate in responsible travel. Sustainable travel among travelers seeks to prioritize destinations that uphold ethical principles and environmental protection.

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Personalized Travel Experiences

Travel Guides and Plans

Travel is authentic, refreshing, and individual. Gone are the days where only pre-set and inflexible travel plans and itineraries were offered to travelers. In 2024, personalized tour packages are set to gain more and more popularity. Mainly since they offer more tailored and individualized experiences to travelers. Custom travel itineraries allow travelers complete freedom, letting them select their ideal destinations, schedules, accommodations, and activities. Travel platforms and companies like us are using technology to customize travel, making sure that each trip reflects the preferences of the particular traveler. We want your travel experience to be exactly as you imagined it to be.

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Step Into the Exciting and Improved Travel in 2024 With Us

Travel in 2024 is only going to get better. With sustainable travel, renewed passion for outdoor adventures, and streamlined booking, tourists can expect 2024 to be the best travel year so far. Here at iLinkTurkey, we take pride in providing our travelers with exciting, innovative and sustainable travel experiences through our wide array of tour packages.

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