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Avanos Pottery



Home to rich history and culture, Avanos is a charming town in Cappadocia renowned for its rich tradition of pottery-making. The town is known for its historical ambiance that can be felt as soon as you step foot into it. At the heart of Avanos lies the artistry of pottery, where skilled artisans have honed their craft for centuries, creating exquisite and unique pieces that capture the essence of the region.


The pottery culture in Avanos invites tourists to delve into the world of ceramics and experience the magic of transforming clay into works of art. They can stroll through the narrow streets lined with pottery studios and workshops, and witness the skilled hands of the craftsmen as they shape, mould, and paint their creations. When visiting this beautiful and serene town, tourists also get to learn about the techniques passed down through generations, from the delicate art of throwing clay on a potter's wheel to the intricate patterns and designs that adorn the finished pieces. So when you’re in Cappadocia, don't forget to discover the secrets behind the vibrant colours and intricate glazes that give each pottery item its unique character.


Interesting Facts about Avanos Pottery


1. The town's pottery-making tradition stretches back to the Hittite era.

2. Avanos is located around 8 kilometres from Göreme, the historical core of Cappadocia.

3. The red clay used to make the iconic ceramics is used from the Red River, which is also one of Turkey's longest rivers.

4. The Cappadocian region has a long history of producing ceramic art.

5. The town's current name, Avanos, evolved from the name Evranos, which was the name of the Seljuk general who conquered the Cappadocian kingdom in the eleventh century.


Historical Significance


The oldest signs of human settlement in the Avanos area were discovered in the Zank Höyük mound, which is located 4 kilometres northwest of the Sarilar village. This mound has a diameter of 300 metres and rises 30 metres above the nearby region. At Zank Höyük, excavations were conducted that resulted in the discovery of ceramic relics that date back to the middle Bronze Age and the Assyrian trade colonies. Further excavations uncovered ceramics from the early Bronze Age, which are even older. There were artefacts from the Phrygian and Hellenistic periods discovered on the mound's surface, which all contribute to the town's still blooming ceramic and pottery culture to this day.


The Incredible Tourist Experience  


Avanos Pottery is more than just a creative endeavour; it reflects the town's cultural heritage and deep-rooted traditions. The major tourist attraction in Avanos is the numerous ceramic workshops and galleries. They represent a local pottery heritage made from red clay gathered from the Kizilirmak River (Red River). This tradition has been practised in the Avanos region for over millennia and almost all tours and excursions to this town include visits to the massive ceramic rooms near the intersection with the road to Göreme. Tourists are also encouraged to visit one of the many workshops in the town’s centre. Each of them is run by a family that has been involved with the trade for many generations. 


If tourists are looking for the most famous ceramic and pottery workshops, they should head to İkizler Çömlek Atölyesi, Le Palais du Urdu, Ferhat Pottery, and Avanos Çarşı Seramik. The pottery of Avanos has been a source of pride and identity for the locals, preserving age-old techniques and celebrating the beauty of handmade craftsmanship. When exploring Avanos, tourists should take a moment to browse through the charming pottery shops that line the streets, offering an array of ceramics ranging from decorative vases and plates to functional kitchenware and delicate ornaments. They can find the perfect piece to bring home as a memento of their visit to Avanos, a true testament to the artistic spirit and cultural heritage of the town.


Things to Know Before Visiting


  • Suggested Tour Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Best Time to Visit: Summer


Avanos Pottery Guided Tours


Visiting Avanos Pottery is an opportunity to witness the marriage of art and tradition, where ancient skills continue to thrive in the hands of passionate artisans. Discover the beauty of handmade ceramics, embrace the warmth of the local community, and let the artistry of Avanos Pottery leave an indelible mark on your journey through Cappadocia.


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