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Serpent Column



The Serpent Column, also known as the Delphi Tripod, is an ancient monument located in Istanbul, Turkey. It is situated in the Hippodrome Square, near the Sultanahmet district, and holds significant historical and cultural value.


The Serpent Column dates back to the 5th century BC and was originally created as a dedication to the Greek god Apollo. It was originally part of a larger monument called the Tripod of Plataea, which was commissioned to commemorate the Greek victory over the Persians in the Battle of Plataea in 479 BC.


The Serpent Column consists of three intertwined bronze snakes, each with their heads raised and mouths open. Originally, there were 31 snake heads, but over time, many have been lost or damaged. The column stands on a marble base and was originally topped with a golden bowl. It was once adorned with votive offerings, including statues and shields, but these have been removed or lost.


During the Byzantine Empire, the Serpent Column was moved from Delphi to Constantinople (now Istanbul) by Emperor Constantine the Great in the 4th century AD. It was placed in the Hippodrome, which was the center of Byzantine social and political life. The column has stood in its current location ever since.


The Serpent Column is a symbol of the historical connections between ancient Greece and Byzantium. It represents the victory of the Greeks over the Persians and holds cultural and historical significance. The monument is a testament to the endurance of ancient artifacts and their ability to transcend time.


Today, the Serpent Column stands in the Hippodrome Square as an open-air monument. Visitors can admire its unique design and historical significance. The area around the Serpent Column is a public park where visitors can relax and enjoy the surroundings.


It's important to note that the Serpent Column is an ancient artifact and should be treated with respect. Visitors are not permitted to touch or climb on the monument. It is recommended to take some time to observe the column and appreciate its historical and cultural importance.


In summary, the Serpent Column is a fascinating ancient monument that symbolizes the connection between ancient Greece and Byzantium. Its presence in the Hippodrome Square adds to the historical richness of Istanbul and offers visitors a chance to connect with the city's past.

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