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Topkapi Palace Museum



Turkey's Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul is a spectacular historical wonder that provides an enthralling look into the lavish lives of Ottoman sultans and their court. The palace, which covers an area of almost 700,000 square metres, served as the Ottoman Empire's main residence and administrative hub for about 400 years.


Topkapi Palace was built in the 15th century after Constantinople was conquered, and it quickly rose to be an important site in history as the political and scholarly centre of the empire. It served as a home for the sultans and their families as well as a huge number of important buildings like mosques, libraries, and government buildings.


Interesting Facts about the Topkapi Palace Museum


1. For around 400 of their 624-year rule, the Ottoman sultans lived primarily at the Topkapi Palace.

2. Topkapi is the world's biggest and oldest palace to have survived to the present day.

3. Topkapi Palace lost significance as the formal imperial palace when the sultans relocated there in 1853. Ataturk ordered its conversion into a museum in 1924.

4. The palace typically had 5,000 residents, but during festivals, this number could’ve increased.

5. The palace was constructed on the same site where the acropolis of the ancient Greek city of Byzantium stood, and it is situated right behind Hagia Sophia.


Historical Significance


Topkapi Palace is an architectural wonder that honours the rich culture and history of the Ottoman Empire.  For history lovers and anybody interested in witnessing the magnificence of Turkey's rich cultural heritage, it is a must-visit location because of its magnificent architecture, complex decorations, and enormous collections, one of which was a collection of approximately 12,000 porcelain items, including a celadon bowl from China that reportedly changed color if the food inside it contained poison, may be found in the palace kitchen.


From the fifteenth until the early twentieth century, Ottoman Sultans resided in Topkapi Palace, ruling over half of the world. Since they ruled their territories from Topkapi, thousands of people lived there, turning it into more of a mini-city than a house within Constantinople. Due to this designation, Istanbul's Topkapi Palace Museum is a significant UNESCO World Heritage Site.


After Sultan Mehmed's passing, the palace underwent renovations and expansion under the rule of nearly 30 sultans, giving it its present appearance—a distinctive fusion of Islamic, European, and Ottoman architectural designs. The palace, with its four courtyards and more than 400 chambers, housed some 4,000 people, including 300 concubines in the Harem.


The Various Sections and Highlights of the Complex


You can explore the complex's different areas and features by visiting Topkapi Palace Museum. Here are some unmissable parts of this marvellous structure:


Imperial Council Chamber: The sultans and their ministers performed important state business and decisions in the Imperial Council Chamber.


Harem: The sultan and his family's living quarters were known as the harem. There were many rooms in it, including the sultan's chambers, the concubines' living quarters, and the Queen Mother's quarters.


Treasury: The Treasury is home to an exquisite collection of rare items, including jewellery, ceremonial weapons, precious stones, and magnificent works of gold and silver.


Court of the Janissaries: The sultan's personal guard, the elite Janissary troops, practised in this courtyard.


Palace Kitchens: Topkapi Palace's enormous kitchens were known to accommodate the needs of the sultan and his entourage. They also highlighted the Ottoman Empire's culinary customs.


Apart from these parts of the palace, the museum also has collections of Ottoman textiles, books, artwork, and holy relics including the possessions of the Prophet Muhammad. A thorough grasp of the cultural, aesthetic, and historical legacy of the Ottoman Empire can be gained by exploring the museum.


Things to Know Before Visiting


  • Suggested Tour Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Best Time to Visit:  9 a.m. to 6 p.m., every day except Tuesday
  • Entry Ticket: ₺750


Note: The palace is closed for visits during religious events and holidays. 


Topkapi Palace Museum Guided Tours


It's worth noting that, due to the palace's size and number of attractions, it's best to plan ahead of time. To avoid long lines, it is advised to plan your visit early in the day or buy tickets in advance because the museum can get crowded, especially during the busiest tourist seasons.


The Topkapi Palace Museum is a historical treasure that gives visitors the chance to travel back in time and experience the splendour of the Ottoman Empire. For history lovers and anybody interested in witnessing the magnificence of Turkey's rich cultural heritage, it is a must-visit location because of its magnificent architecture, complex decorations, and enormous collections.

To truly explore the historical and architectural elements, tourists can book guided tours to help them get around the landmark. Get the full tourist experience by exploring the Topkapi Palace Museum by booking iLinkTurkey’s collection of Istanbul Tours now!

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