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A Hidden Gem in Turkey


Have you ever dreamed of visiting a town frozen in time, where you can wander the cobbled streets and admire the old stone houses with red-tiled roofs and wooden balconies? Look no further than Safranbolu, a small town nestled in the hills of Turkey's Black Sea region. Safranbolu is renowned for its well-preserved Ottoman-era architecture, which earned it a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994. But there's much more to Safranbolu than just its stunning architecture – from its saffron fields to its delicious local cuisine, there's something for everyone in this charming town.

History of Safranbolu

Safranbolu has a rich history that dates back to the 8th century BC when the town was part of the Kingdom of Lydia. Over the centuries, Safranbolu changed hands many times, from the Persians to the Romans to the Byzantines. But it was during the Ottoman era that Safranbolu truly flourished. The town became an important center of trade, thanks to its location on the ancient Silk Road. The Ottomans built many beautiful mansions, public buildings, and mosques in Safranbolu, many of which still stand today.

What to See and Do in Safranbolu

Safranbolu may be a small town, but it's packed with things to see and do. Here are some of the must-visit attractions:

Safranbolu Old Town

Safranbolu's Old Town is the heart of the town, with its winding cobbled streets, charming houses, and historic landmarks. Take a stroll down the narrow streets and admire the well-preserved Ottoman-era architecture, including the Cinci Hanı, a beautiful caravanserai that dates back to the 17th century.

Safran Fields

Safranbolu is famous for its saffron fields, which produce some of the highest quality saffron in the world. Take a guided tour of the saffron fields and learn about the history of saffron cultivation in the area. You can also buy saffron products, including saffron tea, at the local shops.

Hıdırlık Hill

For a panoramic view of Safranbolu, head to Hıdırlık Hill. This hill offers stunning views of the town and the surrounding countryside. It's especially beautiful during sunset, when the sky turns orange and pink.

Kaymakamlar Museum

The Kaymakamlar Museum is a restored Ottoman mansion that gives visitors a glimpse into the lifestyle of the Ottoman elite. The museum features beautiful Ottoman furniture, carpets, and ceramics, as well as a traditional hamam (Turkish bath).

Safranbolu Market

No trip to Safranbolu is complete without a visit to the local market. The market is held every Wednesday and is a hub of activity, with vendors selling everything from fresh produce to handmade crafts. It's the perfect place to sample some of the local cuisine, including saffron-flavored Turkish delight and saffron-infused rice pudding.

Where to Stay in Safranbolu

Safranbolu has many beautiful hotels and guesthouses, many of which are housed in historic Ottoman mansions. Here are some of the best places to stay in Safranbolu:

Cesmeli Konak

Cesmeli Konak is a stunning Ottoman mansion that has been converted into a boutique hotel. The hotel features beautifully restored rooms and suites, each with its own unique decor and furnishings. The hotel also has a beautiful courtyard, where guests can relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Cesmeli Konak is located in the heart of Safranbolu's Old Town, making it the perfect base for exploring the town's historic landmarks.

Akce Konaklari

Another great option for accommodation in Safranbolu is Akce Konaklari, a collection of traditional Ottoman houses that have been converted into a hotel. The hotel features beautiful gardens, a Turkish bath, and a restaurant serving delicious local cuisine. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, with traditional Turkish decor.

Selvili Kosk

Selvili Kosk is a charming guesthouse located in a historic Ottoman mansion. The guesthouse features beautifully restored rooms, each with its own unique decor and furnishings. The guesthouse also has a beautiful garden, where guests can relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Selvili Kosk is located in Safranbolu's Old Town, making it easy to explore the town's historic landmarks.

Local Cuisine in Safranbolu

Safranbolu is known for its delicious local cuisine, which features a mix of Ottoman and Black Sea flavors. Here are some of the must-try dishes in Safranbolu:

Safranbolu Meatballs

Safranbolu meatballs, or "köfte," are a local specialty that you won't want to miss. These meatballs are made with a mix of ground beef and lamb, flavored with spices and herbs, and served with rice pilaf and grilled tomatoes.

Safranbolu Pide

Pide is a type of Turkish flatbread that's usually topped with meat, cheese, and vegetables. Safranbolu's version of pide is famous for its crispy crust and delicious toppings. Be sure to try the "kasarli pide," which is topped with melted cheese.

Saffron-Flavored Turkish Delight

Safranbolu is known for its high-quality saffron, which is used to flavor many local dishes and sweets. One of the most popular saffron-flavored sweets is Turkish delight, or "lokum." Be sure to try the saffron-flavored lokum when you visit Safranbolu.

Safranbolu Rice Pudding

Safranbolu's rice pudding, or "sütlaç," is flavored with saffron and has a creamy, custard-like texture. This delicious dessert is the perfect way to end a meal in Safranbolu.

FAQS about Safranbolu

What is the best time to visit Safranbolu?

The best time to visit Safranbolu is during the spring and fall, when the weather is mild and the crowds are smaller. The summers can be hot and crowded, while the winters can be cold and snowy.

How do I get to Safranbolu?

Safranbolu is located in Turkey's Black Sea region, about 5 hours by car from Istanbul. The nearest airport is in Zonguldak, which is about an hour's drive from Safranbolu. Buses also run regularly between Istanbul and Safranbolu.

Is Safranbolu safe for tourists?

Safranbolu is a safe and welcoming town, and violent crime is rare. However, as with any tourist destination, visitors should be aware of their surroundings and take common-sense precautions, such as keeping valuables secure and being aware of pickpockets in crowded areas.

What are some of the must-see attractions in Safranbolu?

Safranbolu is home to many historic landmarks and museums, including:

  • The Cinci Hodja Caravanserai: a 17th-century caravanserai that has been converted into a museum showcasing traditional Turkish handicrafts and textiles.
  • The Hidirlik Hill: a hilltop park with stunning views over Safranbolu's Old Town and the surrounding countryside.
  • The Safranbolu City Museum: a museum housed in a historic Ottoman mansion, with exhibits on the town's history and culture.
  • The Cifte Minareli Medrese: a 13th-century theological school with stunning Seljuk architecture.

What is Safranbolu's connection to saffron?

Safranbolu is known for its high-quality saffron, which has been cultivated in the region for centuries. The town's name actually comes from the Persian word "zaferan," which means saffron. Saffron is used to flavor many local dishes and sweets, including Turkish delight, rice pudding, and savory meat dishes.

Can I buy saffron in Safranbolu?

Yes, saffron is widely available for purchase in Safranbolu. You can find it in the town's markets and specialty shops, as well as in some of the local sweet shops and bakeries.


Safranbolu is a charming and historic town that's well worth a visit for anyone traveling in Turkey. From its beautiful Ottoman mansions to its delicious local cuisine, there's something for everyone in Safranbolu. And with its safe and welcoming atmosphere, it's the perfect place to experience Turkish culture and hospitality. So why not add Safranbolu to your travel itinerary and see for yourself what makes this town so special?


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