Experiencing Casablanca: A Magical 3-Day Itinerary

Just merely thinking of the name Casablanca conjures up North African exoticism mixed with old-money imagery. In reality, Casablanca sits on the Atlantic and is a vibrant and high-energy commercial metropolis in Morocco. Although it lacks the rustic Middle Eastern ambiance of Marrakech and the colorful souks and tanneries of Fez, this white city is not devoid of cultural gems, architectural marvels, delectable bites, and magical tourist attractions. 

Having a French touch that sets it apart majorly from other Moroccan cities, Casablanca is where people head to enjoy the cool coastal breeze and a romantic travel experience. Casablanca is huge and will have you falling in love with it with just its pictures. If, however, you’re visiting Morocco and wish to explore Casablanca but have limited time to do so, following a well-planned travel itinerary can help. The only problem? You’ll be itching to come back sooner than you can leave. We’ve compiled a mini 3-day Casablanca itinerary for those who wish to taste-test this magical city (we also have a travel guide to Casablanca for those who do not know what to expect in this magical city).

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The Best 3-Day Mini-Casablanca Itinerary

Getting overwhelmed or trying to jam-pack everything in a couple of days won’t allow you to have an enjoyable travel experience exploring this beautiful city. The best way to explore a vast city in a short amount of time is to prioritize. This mini 3-day Casablanca itinerary does just that. With the most popular tourist attractions, heritage sites, and activities, you’re bound to have a great time wading through the white city of Casablanca.


Day 1: Heritage Sites Tours

Begin your adventure after breakfast and begin your tour with the first stop on the way, the Hassan II Mosque, which is located on the coast of Casablanca. The Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca was constructed in 1993 by an order from King Hassan II and is situated on a platform with a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean. The site itself can hold up to 25,000 worshippers and is open to everyone to view the stunning architectural work. Make your next stop a walking tour of the Old Medina and its shops. Next, see the Beth-El Temple, Muhammad V Square, and the Arab League Park. After a short lunch break, take a drive to the local beach called Public Plage. 


Sites Visited: 

  • Hassan II Mosque
  • Old Medina
  • Beth-El Temple
  • Muhammad V Square
  • Arab League Park
  • Public Plage


Day 2: Modern City Tour

Enjoy an early morning breakfast at the hotel and depart to continue the Casablanca tour. Make your first stop on the second day in the city at the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Lourdes. Next, visit the Quartier Habous Square, built during the French colonial period. Afterward, see the Mahkama of Pacha and the Sacred Heart Cathedral. Stop for a delicious lunch at the Marche Central Casablanca, a hub for tourists to mingle with locals in the city. Afterward, see the mausoleums of Mohammad V and King Hassan. Lastly, take a short drive around the Ain Diab neighborhood. 


Sites Visited:

  • Notre Dame de Lourdes
  • Quartier Habous Square
  • Mahkama of Pacha
  • Sacred Heart Cathedral
  • Marche Central Casablanca
  • Mausoleums of Mohammad V and King Hassan
  • Ain Diab 


Day 3: Food and Hidden Gems Tour

Leave early in the morning from your hotel to catch a scrumptious breakfast at Brasserie La Tour. Afterward, visit the Al-Quds Mosque. Next, see the Villa des Arts, a hub of contemporary art and culture. Stop for lunch at Resto Zayna and try a Bocadillo, which is a deliciously filling Moroccan sandwich. Afterward, catch the heritage display at the Musée Abderrahman Slaoui before leaving for a camel excursion. End the night with a mouthwatering seafood bastilla at La Sqala, a famous cafe/restaurant in the city (bastillas are only served on Tuesdays here). 


Sites Visited:

  • Brasserie La Tour
  • Al-Quds Mosque
  • Villa Des Arts
  • Resto Zayna
  • Musée Abderrahman Slaoui
  •  La Sqala

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Preparing for Your Trip to Casablanca

Since Casablanca is slightly different and more modernistic than Marrakech or Fez, travel here slightly varies too. Here’s some handy information you should note to add to your Casablanca itinerary for a perfect adventure:

  • The official currency in Casablanca is the Moroccan dirham (MAD, د.م.).
  • The conversion rate at the time of writing is 1 USD/10.0856 MAD.
  • If you’re a citizen of either the US, Canada, members of the EU, Australia, or New Zealand, you can get a 3-month tourist visa on arrival.
  • Standard Arabic and Tamazight (Berber) are the two official languages of Casablanca, as in all of Morocco. While you might find some individuals well-versed in English, French is the most used language there, aside from Arabic or Tamazight.
  • Learning a few Arabic or French phrases can help you get around in Casablanca. Saying “hello” with “Al Salam Alaikum” (sall-em wall-a-come) is polite. “Shukran” means “thank you” (shoo-kran) and “Ma’-El Salama” means “goodbye” (ama sale lem-a). For French, “Bonjour” means “hello”, “Merci” means “thank you”, and “S’il vous plaît” means “please”.
  • You can get around in Casablanca using the Casa Tramway, private taxis, or petit taxis.

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The Best Time to Visit Casablanca 

Although you can visit Casablanca any time of the year, summer, mainly from June to August, is usually the ideal travel season. Though not as unbearably hot as it is in Morocco’s interior cities, the weather is warm and dry. If you visit the city in the summer, you can also get to enjoy iconic cultural events such as the Festival de Casablanca.

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Accommodation in Casablanca

The range of accommodation options in Casablanca matches the diversity of its dining scene, encompassing anything from five-star hotels to traditional Moroccan guesthouses. For those who prefer to remain in the city center, hotels near Casablanca’s public squares, Mohammed V Square, and Place des Nations Unies are recommended. With many trendy hotels and cafes, pubs and retail stores conveniently close by, the Gauthier district is a more popular option. You might also consider the El Hank Peninsula and La Corniche. These locations have easy access to Casablanca’s beaches and views of the ocean.

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Making Lasting Memories in this Magical City

For many people, it’s impossible to think of Casablanca without thinking of its namesake movie. But there’s so much more to this vibrant and contemporary city than old piano melodies and old-school Hollywood romance. Being Morocco’s largest city and an equally huge cultural hub, the tourism scene in Casablanca is unmatchable. And you’ll be able to catch that in just three or fewer days here. But the best way to truly experience Casablanca in a short time? By embarking on guided tours. 

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