How to Plan a Memorable Summer Getaway in Izmir

When great civilizations such as the Lydians, Persians, and Romans inhabited the old city of Smyrna, they could have hardly had the barest idea of how this city would be cultivated over the centuries and transform into one of the modern world’s biggest summer destinations. Yes, we’re talking about Izmir. The city has coastal beaches, vibrant nightscapes, and exotic resorts that are strangely all tied together with the historical value this city has.

Izmir is a city that has evolved over thousands of years to become the thriving, modern tourist hub that it is today. It now ranks as Turkey’s third-largest city and is the location of the second-largest port. İzmir is unlike any other summer destination. This beautiful city has something for everyone, from its breathtaking beaches and rich cultural heritage to its delectable cuisine and vibrant nightlife. Since the city is so vast and full of travel possibilities, you’ll be left scratching your head, unsure of where to proceed in planning your trip there. However, fret not; that’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide for planning a trip to Izmir.

From accommodations to the best places to visit, hidden food spots, and transportation here’s everything you need to know for planning a trip to this ‘Pearl of the Aegean’.

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How to Plan a Summer Getaway to Izmir?

When it comes to planning an unforgettable travel trip, the perfect approach is to strike the right balance between keeping things fun and spontaneous and having a well-planned game plan. Sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? Certain aspects of a travel trip should be well-thought-out and planned, and some, well, you leave them to how your day fares. That’s why we’ve compiled all the necessary information you need to know to plan a trip to Izmir. According to our travel experts, here are some elements you need to jot down for your summer trip to Izmir:

  • The best destinations to visit in Izmir
  • The best activities to try in Izmir
  • The best time to visit Izmir
  • The best place to stay in Izmir
  • The best spots to eat in Izmir


Without further ado, let’s delve straight into it!

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3 Magnificent Destinations in İzmir for Your Summer Getaway

There are many destinations in İzmir, and all come with their own unique charm. You can decide which fits your summer getaway vibe the best by learning about them. Here, we have compiled a list of the towns and districts that are perfect for a summer holiday adventure:

1.   Çeşme

Naturally, the Çeşme district is the first place that comes to mind when planning a summer getaway in İzmir. Çeşme is a popular tourist destination in Turkey and has recently seen a surge in visitors. Its unique natural beauties, historical past, and magnificent sea are a big factor in this. When it comes to places to vacation in Izmir, Çeşme tops the list The following locations are top picks for Çeşme vacation spots; we highly recommend them!

  • Çeşme Castle
  • Çeşme Museum
  • Çeşme Historical Caravanserai
  • Çeşme Grand Bazaar


2.   Alaçatı

When it comes to tourist attractions, Alaçatı is among the most well-known locations in İzmir. This is a place that both locals and visitors adore and visit frequently. Summertime vacations in Alaçatı are unforgettable. The whole district comes alive in the summer with the glittering sea, bustling resorts, and vibrant cityscape. The stunning sea at Ilıca Beach and Delikli Bay are there to offer incredible coast experiences to you. Some of the top places to visit in the district include:

  • Çark Beach
  • Alaçatı Downtown
  • Alaçatı Bazaar
  • Alaçatı Stone Houses


3.   Bergama

If you wish to enjoy cultural activities along with your summer vacation, you’re in the right place. Among the many districts in İzmir, Bergama is one of the neighborhoods where you can see historic structures and ancient cities. Despite being on average 120 kilometers away from the city center, this location provides fantastic vacation opportunities.

The district has a long and illustrious history. It is safe to say that visitors interested in history will enjoy themselves greatly. Within the district’s boundaries are also some exceptionally beautiful natural areas. Some of top places to visit in Bergama are:

  • Pergamon
  • Bergama Ottoman Bazaar
  • Bergama Covered Bazaar
  • Kozak Plateau
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Top Activities to Try During Your Summer Getaway in Izmir

With over 8,000 years of ancient history visible in archaeological sites and monuments, Izmir doesn’t just have a fascinating cultural heritage. It’s also home to a bustling travel hub, brimming with tourist activities for you to try during your stay here. Here are the most famous tourist activities you can try in the city of Izmir and the nearby region:

 1.   Visiting the Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is also famous as the symbol of Izmir and is located in Konak Square. Raymond Charles Pere, a Levantine French architect, designed and constructed the tower in 1601 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Abdulhamid II’s ascension to the Ottoman throne.

The clock has the hallmarks of Ottoman classical architecture while tying it with a French and German touch. The tower itself is Moorish in design, with massive columns. The historical and cultural value of this tower makes it an unmissable sight to see when visiting Izmir.

2.   Strolling the Kemeraltı Bazaar

For a true experience of the local culture in Izmir, head to the famed Kemeralti market nearby Konak Square. It’s quite easy to spend hours wandering the market streets, which are reminiscent of Istanbul’s Egyptian Bazaar. Stop by the stalls selling traditional Turkish foods and cuisine, local teas and colorful spices, clothing, and even the famed Turkish carpets and rugs.

The bazaar is also famous for serving Turkey’s authentic black tea or coffee beside the Hisar Mosque. There are many jewelry and antique shops in Kızlarağası Hanı (an Ottoman caravanserai, roadside inns along trade routes), as well as local artists working on metals, leather, and jewelry in the bazaar.

3.   Soaking in the Pamukkale Thermal Pools

Located only five hours away, Izmir begins the magical Pamukkale’s thermal springs. Pamukkale, which means “cotton castle” in Turkish, is a unique natural formation in Denizli, Turkey’s southwesternmost province. The location is famous for its thermal pools formed by the carbonate residue left by running water, called travertine.

There are 17 hot springs, ranging in temperature from moderate to piping hot. Apart from the medicinal powers of the water, stunning ruins, and historical buildings, including the ancient Greek city of Hierapolis, border Pamukkale’s travertine pools, located above the pools.

4.   Exploring the Agora Archaeological Site 

The Agora of Smyrna, a Greek public space, is an open-air museum in the Namazgâh district. It is one of the world’s few agoras situated within a modern city, with a three-layered construction, basilicas, marble columns, arches, and antique carvings.

Some of the items and excavations from this site are now on display in the Izmir Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Art and History. For history lovers, this place is a gold mine for ancient Greek architecture and culture attracting thousands of tourists from all over.

5.   Riding the Balçova Cable Car 

 Balçova is one of the most beautiful residential areas of Izmir, offering Izmir’s sole cable car system atop Dede Mountain. This cable car is one of Turkey’s oldest aerial lifts providing stunning views of the city after a hard trip up the mountain.

At the climb, the tea and BBQ huts serve as perfect relaxing spots for a scenic picnic with family and friends. This spot also has a wide-range telescope that provides views of both Izmir and İnciralti, a local picturesque neighborhood. Tourists also head over to Balçova for its famous thermal pools perfect for a spa day known as Agamemnon Baths. 

6.   Exploring the Ruins of Ephesus

A must-see for history and archaeology enthusiasts, Ephesus is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Ephesus is a renowned tourist destination because of the celebrated Library of Celsus, one of the largest libraries in the Roman world. 

Other monuments and locations in the city include the amphitheater, the Temple of Hadrian, and the neighboring Temple of Artemis. The terraced mansions of Ephesus with their colorful mosaics are a site to see, offering a glimpse into the luxurious lives of ancient Romans. There are guided tours and buses departing for Ephesus in central Izmir, making for a perfect day trip.


What is the Best Time to Visit Izmir?

Izmir is one of the few places in the world that is a perfect summer destination but doesn’t get too overbearingly hot to handle for tourists. This gorgeous city is always covered by the incredible Mediterranean climate, which means the weather stays quite pleasant throughout the year. Since you’re visiting Izmir for your summer getaway, the best months to visit the city are either June, July, and August. The perfectly warm days stay pleasant throughout these months, and the nights stay cool that are perfect for an al-fresco dining experience.

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What is the Best Place to Stay in Izmir?

The best district in which you can stay in Izmir is Konak. Konak is a neighborhood in Izmir’s western area that is well-known for its incredible location and historical significance. You can find many popular tourist destinations here as well, including Kemeralti Market, Konak Square, and Konak Pier. It also serves as a popular shopping and dining location, catering to a plethora of local and international cuisines. The local guest houses to stay here are affordable and within the perfect range of all major amenities such as airports, public transportation, district centers, restaurants, etc. 

Our personal accommodation pick in Konak is: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Izmir – Alsancak

  • Address: İsmet Kaptan, 1373. Sk. No:5, 35210 Konak/İzmir, Türkiye
  • Phone Number: +90 232 402 02 02

Top tourist attractions nearby:

  • Cesme Tabiat Parki: 150 m
  • Kültürpark Lozan Kapısı: 400 m
  • Cumhuriyet Square: 600 m
  • Izmir Agora Museum: 850 m
  • Konak Square: 1.3 km
  • Izmir Clock Tower: 1.3 km

Closest airports to the hotel:

  • Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport: 13 km
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What are Some Best Local Spots to Eat in Izmir?

Though of course, you can eat and enjoy delectable Turkish quince with Izmir’s own touch to it in countless popular restaurants across the city, there’s nothing like enjoying a Gozleme or a steaming hot cup of Turkish coffee at some hidden spots. Here are our delectable picks:


This a great place for those who want to enjoy an amazing Gözleme after a long warm day at the beach. These ultra-thin dough crepes can be stuffed with just about anything and everything. From savory filing to sweet delights, you can have fun making your crepe here. This restaurant provides an incredible ambiance to go along with this light yet tasteful dish with a huge list of ingredients to make your best Gözleme. This can also be a great place for vegetarians too.

Yüzde Yüz Konak Pier

Though a bit of a pricey end, Yüzde Yüz Konak Pier is an excellent pick that provides ambiance and amazing food options. There’s nothing like ending your day in Izmir and having dinner by the Konak Pier, listening to the sound of calm waves and the low hum of the restaurant. From buders to salads to cocktails and seafood, this place has it all. 


For all the sweet tooths, Tugba is a great place to stop by and have some Turkish tea, coffee, and traditional sweets. The coffee is only 1 TL, which makes this place a pretty affordable option in Izmir. Of course, the best things to try here are the Turkish Delights. These are sweet gel-based sweets made with chopped dates, pistachios, hazelnuts, rosewater, etc that make for a light yet delightful snack. A perfect option to snack on on the hot days of Izmir.

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Spend an Unforgettable Summer Getaway in Izmir 

There’s no place quite like Izmir to spend your summer in. We’re talking glittering beaches, stunning resorts, rich historical sites, bustling city hubs, and more. And what better way to enjoy this city’s wonders than to choose a booked package for your summer getaway?

Do you want to explore the best-hidden gems in Izmir? All with pre-booked accommodations, guided tours, and the opportunity to skip the lines?

iLinkTurkey offers a diverse range of guided tour packages for destinations in Izmir. Head over to our packages and book one of our best-selling Izmir packages now.


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