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Cairo, Luxor, & Aswan Package (5 Days)


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Travelers and historians like to refer to Cairo as the ‘cradle of civilization’. And for good reason too, since its culture, historic value and landscapes can be as overwhelming as they are beautiful. As the Arab world's largest metropolis, Cairo attracts an abundance of tourists, students and expats each year. Those interested in learning about Egypt's history and experiencing its culture firsthand should put Cairo on their bucket list.

How to Spend a Day in Cairo?

Spend an incredible first day in Cairo by exploring the museums, bazaars, and local sites.

Egyptian Museum: This museum is home to an exceptional collection of over 120,000 ancient artifacts dating back over 3,500 years. It’s easy to spend hours immersed in the relics of bygone times.

Salah El-Din Citadel: This citadel dates back to 1176, when it served as the capital until 1860. In the citadel, you can also visit the stunning Mohamed Ali Mosque or Alabaster Mosque.

The National Museum of Egypt: Located in El Fustat, the first capital of Egypt during the early Islamic era. The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) is situated in the heart of the old Cairo city with ancient artifacts dating back to 4,500 years.

El Khalili Bazaar: Get a taste of the local Cairo culture with bargaining and bickering over prices here in El Khalili Bazaar. Built in 970 A.D., the Fatimid dynasty constructed it beside the metropolis of Cairo.

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